Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, Calif, is planning forthcoming advancements to its InteliQ liquid quality controls product line. Optimized open vial stability will now enable any instrument platform to utilize the full range of InteliQ products.

In addition to providing data for labs using Siemens Atellica, InteliQ products will include values for additional platforms such as Abbott Alinity and Roche Cobas systems.

Bio-Rad quality control products available in the InteliQ format include:

  • InteliQ Assayed Multiqual Control
  • InteliQ Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT (now compatible with Siemens high-sensitivity Troponin [hs TNI]) 
  • InteliQ Ethanol/Ammonia Control
  • InteliQ Homocysteine Control
  • InteliQ Immunology Control
  • InteliQ Specialty Immunoassay Control
  • InteliQ Tumor Marker Control
  • InteliQ Immunoassay Plus Control
  • InteliQ Urine Chemistry Control

InteliQ, together with next generation platforms, helps laboratories increase efficiency and maximize workflows by providing easy to use, “load-and-go” quality controls. 

For more information, visit Bio-Rad