Covaris Inc, Woburn, Mass, has released the 96 OneTube-10 adaptive focused acoustics (AFA) plate, which enables scalable and simplified workflows to meet rapidly increasing next-generation sequencing (NGS) demands for high-throughput and low-input library preparation.

Using the OneTube-10 offering, laboratorians can eliminate transfer steps in the NGS library preparation workflow, from mechanical DNA shearing through A-tailing, end repair, ligation, and solid phase reversible immobilization clean-up. The product is specifically designed for use with Covaris’ AFA technology for DNA shearing at volumes ranging from 10 to 50 µL.

The new AFA vessel is made of an engineered polymer for low impedance and efficient transmission of acoustic energy. The plate effectively controls acoustic cavitation to enable reproducible and precisely tuned hydrodynamic shear forces. Designed to Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening standards, the plate is compatible with standard heat blocks, magnets, and thermocyclers. OneTube-10 can be used on any liquid handling platform, providing a universal solution for streamlining NGS workflows. Paired with the LE220-plus, Covaris’ newest focused ultrasonicator, NGS workflows are standardized by integration with high-throughput laboratory automation.

“The combination of the Covaris AFA energetics . . . with a uniquely engineered polymer consumable enables highly automated library preparation, nucleic acid extraction, and additional applications in a single tube,” says Jim Laugharn, founder and CEO of Covaris.

AFA can be applied at various steps, including bead-binding, elution, and mixing, while scaling down to low volumes. Additionally, OneTube-10 product iterations will include an eight-strip format, and will scale up to 384-well formats.

For more information, visit Covaris.