To meet the urgent demand for development and optimization of reliable quality controls for covid-19 antibody tests, Fapon Biotech, Dongguan, China, is donating Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Fully Human RBD IgM and IgG QC test materials to support 100 million tests. The materials are available to eligible antibody test reagent manufacturers around the world. The company made a first donation in February to provide 3 million PCR test components to solve a raw material shortage.
“In this unprecedented time with continually changing medical needs, we are utterly resolute in bringing tangible, beneficial impacts on the industry by supporting partners with what they need now and next,” states the CEO of Fapon.”The industry’s feedback on our first PCR donation was extraordinary. This second donation offers high-demand QC materials that sit in the heart of reliable antibody tests. It will help to accelerate the internal QC process and achieve test result confidence. We strongly look forward to the participation of global IVD partners.”

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