SeraCare Life Sciences, Milford, Mass, is launching its new AccuSpan HCV RNA linearity panel, the latest product built with the company’s proprietary AccuPlex recombinant technology. Qualified against World Health Organization standards, the eight-member panel is made from serial dilutions of high-titer recombinant hepatitis C virus (genotype 1b) with established reactivity for HCV RNA, and one negative member.

Researchers, diagnostics manufacturers, and clinical laboratories can use the panel to develop, evaluate, and validate HCV molecular test methods. The panel is suitable for monitoring HCV RNA recovery at defined intervals, identifying consistency over a linear range, assessing kit lot-to-lot variability, performing linearity studies, or whenever there are indications of possible assay deterioration.

SeraCare’s exclusive AccuPlex technology produces safe and patient-like full-process molecular controls. Unlike other technologies that package viral RNA into a bacteriophage, AccuPlex recombinants closely resemble the wild-type mammalian pathogenic virus. This enables the release of the viral genome at a similar rate to the wild-type virus during the nucleic acid sample preparation process. AccuPlex recombinant material is stable, replication-deficient, noninfectious, and mimics a real patient sample throughout the diagnostic workflow, serving as a true full-process control for molecular assays.

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