This company has launched its Amplichek Swab CT/GC Amplified Controls, Amplichek Swab CT/GC Non-Amplified Controls, and Amplichek Urine CT/GC Controls. All of the Amplichek CT/GC controls monitor the precision of test procedures to detect Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae simultaneously.
     Since these controls are specimen specific, they can be used with either urine or endocervical swabs throughout the entire test procedure: extraction, amplification and detection. All controls are supplied in a ready-to-use liquid, and can be analyzed in a similar manner as patient specimens. The controls have not been optimized for any specific method or instrument and have a 3 year shelf life and 60 day
open-vial stability.
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Keywords: infectious disease, STD, molecular diagnostics, controls