Cal-Chex CD Plus is a whole blood hematology calibrator manufactured for the Abbott Cell-Dyn 3200 and 4000 analyzers.
     Cal-Chex CD Plus is assayed on analyzers calibrated with whole blood using standard reference methods for accurate and reliable calibration of hematology analyzers. The controls have a five-day open vial stability and 35-day closed vial stability. Cal-Chex CD Plus is available in a 3.0ml fill. The pierceable cap is compatible with most closed vial systems.
     This company’s Para 12 Plus Retics is a whole blood five-part differential control with reticulocytes and nucleated red blood cells, assayed for all critical parameters of the Abbott Cell-Dyn 3200 and 4000. A manual reticulocyte assay is also included. Open vial stability is 7 days and closed vial stability is 75 days.
Streck Laboratories
Keywords: controls, hematology