LGC Maine Standards, Cumberland Foreside, Maine, has released the Validate heparin linearity and calibration verification kit for Stago STA analyzers from Diagnostica Stago, Parsipanny, NJ. The kit, in a human plasma matrix, evaluates heparin anti-Xa (HP). Each kit offers five distinct concentrations covering the 0.1–2.0 IU/mL reportable range of Stago STA analyzers, and is liquid and ready to use. Users dispense the product from each dropper bottle directly into five sample cups and run in replicates. For lab seeking to perform real-time data analysis, LGC Maine Standards offers its MSDRx data reduction software at no charge. Laboratories can also send their data to LGC Maine Standards, where a technical specialist will complete the data analysis and return a report within 5 business days. For more information, visit LGC Maine Standards.