CompuGroup Medical, Phoenix, has released a new version of its laboratory information system (LIS) that features memorized report parameters and the automatic assignment of Medicare G-codes for drug test billing. Version 19.9 of the CGM Labdaq LIS includes base functionality and alerts. Users can customize the home screen to provide technicians and lab managers with instant access to analyzers, reports, and other data. CompuGroup Medical says the upgrade is based on feedback from users in laboratories across the United States.

CGM Labdaq 19.9 has an improved turnaround time monitor that enables labs to offer faster and more accurate turnaround estimates than was possible using previous versions of the LIS. Version 19.9 also introduces a simplified workflow for receiving some samples, which means the enhancements affect every phase of the analytical process.

Version 19.9 features exclusive options that expand LIS functionality with advanced analytics and trends, inventory management, and specimen storage. The document management option assists labs with attaining and maintaining CLIA regulatory compliance. The system’s new .net infrastructure enables CompuGroup Medical’s US-based developers to continue enhancing the software with improvements and updates more quickly than was possible in the past.

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