Amplion, Bend, Ore, has released Dx:Revenue, a software solution that enables test providers to identify opportunities for ideal pharmaceutical partnerships at the right time to advance precision medicine collaboration.

Dx:Revenue is an extension of Amplion’s core business intelligence platform that leverages proprietary machine learning to deliver tailored insights into pharma and test developer activities. The platform draws from more than 34 million sources, including clinical trials, scientific publications, conference abstracts, FDA-cleared and -approved tests, lab-developed tests, diagnostic and drug pipelines —in real time—to identify prioritized and timely partnering opportunities that are a precise match between a test provider‘s capabilities and pharma‘s specific needs.

Chris Capdevila, Amplion

Chris Capdevila, Amplion.

Precision medicine has a problem, says Chris Capdevila, CEO of Amplion. There is an insurmountable volume of information with the potential to drive the realization of precision medicine for patients, but accessing that information strategically, effectively, and quickly to make the best pharma partnering decisions is beyond human scale. Our company was founded to address this issue by providing critical evidence-based intelligence that supports the strategic decisions pharmaceutical and test developers need to make to be successful.

The rise of precision medicine—an approach to patient care that allows a doctor to select a therapy most likely to succeed based on the underlying biological drivers of a patient’s disease—has significantly improved health outcomes in recent years but has also ushered in a new set of challenges. Drug and test developers creating new treatments have been forced to comb through millions of uncategorized publications and other sources seeking relevant drug and clinical development and biomarker activity, a time-consuming effort that often yields irrelevant findings.

Amplion solves this problem by applying sophisticated machine-learning models to the entire biomedical landscape to identify opportunities that precisely match test developers’ capabilities and needs. Amplion’s proprietary models understand with a high degree of accuracy the context within which a medical term is being used, for example, whether a specific biomarker is actually being measured within a study or simply being mentioned. This capability enables drug and test developers to efficiently identify research and development initiatives and find relevant partners aligned to their program goals.

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