Green Button Go from Biosero, San Diego, a lab automation and software company, is a device-agnostic software program that integrates equipment into a cohesive automation ecosystem. Green Button Go software can automate lab equipment to run 24/7 for increased throughput.

Using the drag-and-drop user interface, laboratory technicians can set up and automate workflows with advanced scheduling and operating features such as input parameter screen development, error logging, and external notification. Designed to be easy and intuitive for users, Green Button Go can control simple to complex workstations. The software supports a vast library of device drivers, making it a plug-and-play option for a range of equipment, including robotic arms, scanners, liquid handlers, washers, and readers.

Biosero offers a variety of plug-ins for Green Button Go, including the GBG Batch Planner. The calendar-based plug-in allows multiple users to plan for their experiments with a workcell availability calendar that supports time-course applications.

For more information see Biosero.