Streck_UA-Cellular Complete 350The UA-Cellular Complete urinalysis control from Streck, Omaha, Neb, offers chemistry analytes and cellular components to closely mimic a patient sample. Assayed for the Siemens Clinitek Atlas and Sysmex UF1000i combined system, the control tests the instruments’ ability to accurately identify and quantify the chemistry components and cellular components found in patient urine samples. The kit contains various concentrations of the assayed components to simulate different patient sample scenarios. Assayed chemistry analytes include glucose, ketones, blood, protein, nitrite, color, bilirubin, specific gravity, pH, urobilinogen, leukocytes, and clarity; assayed cellular parameters include RBC, WBC, EC, casts, bacteria, and crystals. The control is packaged in 120ml squeeze bottles. For more information, visit Streck.