pn06.JPG (10854 bytes)Liquichek Urine Toxicology Control Level S1E and Level S2E are designed to monitor the performance of enzyme immunoassay drugs of abuse screening test methods. These controls contain 13 common drugs-of-abuse analytes at two distinct levels. Level S1E is spiked 25 percent below enzyme immunoassay screen cutoffs and Level S2E is spiked 25 percent above enzyme immunoassay screen cutoffs. Opiate spikes in both products are based upon the 2,000 ng/mL cut-off scheme.
     Liquichek Urine Toxicology Controls are liquid, ready-to-use products. Unopened, these controls are stable for up to two-years when refrigerated. Once opened, the control can be stored refrigerated for 30 days.
     All of the Liquichek Urine Toxicology Controls have Specimen Validity parameters (e.g., pH, creatinine, and specific gravity).
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