MedTest, Canton, Mich, has released a 25-hydroxy vitamin D assay for the BS-480 chemistry analyzer. Liquid and ready to use, the assay offers a broad assay range of 7.6–147.8 ng/mL. Total automation eliminates manual sample pretreatment steps. Results from serum, heparinized plasma, or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid plasma samples are available in 20 minutes. With the addition of the vitamin D assay to the BS-480 analyzer, MedTest seeks to broaden a menu that includes drugs of abuse reagents for urine drug screening, a full line of chemistry tests, and specialty tests like HbA1c and lipoprotein(a). MedTest is the exclusive US distributor of the BS-480 chemistry analyzer, including manufacturing and distribution of reagents, calibrators, and quality control products. For more information, visit MedTest.