MagBio Genomics, Inc., a company focused on magnetic bead-based products for molecular diagnostics and liquid biopsy genomic research, announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance, CE Mark approval and global launch of its MagXtract Collection Tube.

Used for sample collection and processing, the MagXtract Collection Tube is a guanidine-free molecular transport medium, FDA-cleared device available in the U.S. for COVID-19 testing. In Europe the MagXtract Collection Tube is versatile, available for testing both COVID-19 and Influenza. It is also validated for bacterial and fungal sample collection and stabilization in research studies.

“Accurate detection of pathogens by molecular assays depends on proper collection and stabilization of samples. Poor sample stabilization results in nucleic acid degradation and overgrowth of some micro-organisms, which may lead to patient misdiagnosis,” says Hyacinth K. Ntchobo, PhD, CEO, MagBio Genomics. “The MagXtract Collection Tube addresses these issues by providing cost-effective room temperature sample transportation and nucleic acid stabilization over prolonged time, providing clinical laboratories with high-quality samples for accurate molecular detection of pathogens.”

With the launch of the MagXtract Collection Tube, MagBio offers improved safety, stability and cost-effective sample collection and processing to the worldwide market:

  • Safety during disinfection: A guanidine-free, proprietary medium is designed to make it safe for use in clinical settings by eliminating the risk of creating cyanide gas during cleaning, which is highly toxic and can be fatal. The FDA issued a letter to laboratory staff at COVID-19 sample processing facilities to avoid collection devices that use guanidine.
  • Sample Handling and Processing Safety: The medium directly lyses cells during transport and inactivates pathogens, eliminating the need for containment use.
  • Stability: Ambient temperature stability of RNA samples for up to eight days eliminates the need for cold storage/shipping.
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness: There is no need to use a lysis buffer because the transport medium also acts as a lysis buffer, reducing costs in nucleic acid extraction workflow.