Traceable has upgraded its TraceableLIVE cloud service to include integration with the Apple Watch, along with other new improvements to the user experience.

Subscribers can use their Apple Watch to ensure valuable samples, vaccines, or items remain at the correct temperature during storage or transport along their cold chain. Not only was the Apple Watch added to the latest upgrade but also voice notification escalation, enhanced compliance with Vaccines for Children (VFC), and performance and speed improvements with the TraceableLIVE app.

Voice notification escalation allows users to set up a phone message for out-of-range conditions to mobile and landline phones. This is ideal for high importance notifications and is available with the TraceableLIVE Premium service. 

Enhanced compliance with USB for VFC is another useful added feature. Now users can output secure PDF files as required by some states. TraceableLIVE cloud service is compliant in most states.

In addition, performance and speed improvements to the app provide a more efficient experience for all subscribers.

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Photo: Traceable