Enhanced performance packaging has been introduced by this company for the BBL CultureSwab Plus Collection and Transport System.
The Vi-Pak foil packaging contains 50 individually sealed CultureSwab Plus units. Nitrogen gas is injected both inside the foil pack and inside the individual film swab pouches. This environment works synergistically with sodium thioglycollate in the transport medium to create an ideal Eh potential for Neisseria, Haemophilus, streptococci and anaerobes.
     The metallic foil of the outside packaging together with the plastic film of the individual pouches block the entry of oxygen and prevent unwanted oxidation of the transport medium. This system features improvements that permit sampling of strict anaerobes and aerobic organisms.
     The CultureSwab Plus tube holds an intact 5mL column of Amies agar gel containing oxygen-scavenging agents. This ensures that fastidious anaerobes are maximally protected from oxygen.
     Unlike previous systems, this one eliminates the need to activate a medium-filled ampule. With the medium suspended in the tip of a venturi hourglass tube, the breakdown of the gel column during specimen transport and the formulation of air pockets harmful to fastidious bacteria is prevented.
BD Biosciences
Keyword: collection, transport