productThis company has introduced the Pathport and Pathport 2 Transport System for transporting specimens. Both products feature a rigidly constructed system made of high density polyethylene specifically designed to carry most pathology specimens. It is equipped with a custom fit, disposable formaldehyde neutralizing pad (replacement pads available) and a seal to lock in harmful vapors.
    The Pathport system has locking capabilities which allow usage for medico-legal cases and medical examiner field investigations. The Pathport 2 T.D.S. system is designed to transport, dissect and store amputated limb specimens and large formalin-fixed tissue specimens. This product accommodates virtually any size limb specimen and has an interlocking lid that snaps closed obscuring the contents for ambiguous transport. The Pathport 2 can also be used for safe short or long term refrigerated storage of large limb, brain, colon and placenta tissue specimens.
Keywords: specimen transport