TeselaGen Biotechnology, a software company providing an all-in-one platform for scalable biotech R&D, announced the acquisition of two patents that advance AI-driven optimization of biological phenotypes.

These patents bolster the company’s existing intellectual property portfolio and reaffirm its commitment to revolutionizing the biotech industry. The first patent, granted earlier this year, captures optimizing biological phenotypes through a fusion of generative AI and predictive AI models. The second patent encompasses specialized models that enable efficient prediction and optimization of biological phenotypes.

“With these new patents, TeselaGen is poised to continue driving innovation, helping companies achieve commercial success sooner, and making a positive impact on the world,” says Eduardo Abeliuk, PhD, CEO and founder of TeselaGen. “We remain committed to advancing the field of biotechnology using AI. Securing these patents is a major milestone for our company and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.”

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Biotech product development is typically a lengthy and resource-intensive process. Artificial intelligence offers a clear path to reducing go-to-market timelines by rapidly and efficiently analyzing experimental data to generate the next, and potentially final, round of experimental designs, the company says. This general approach is agnostic to the specific application or type of product. For example, biochemical assay data could be used to optimize the specificity of a therapeutic enzyme. Similarly, fermentation productivity data could be used to balance the expression of a metabolic pathway in an engineered strain or fine-tune the composition of the growth media in which the strain is cultured. TeselaGen has partnered with several biotech companies, some of which are pioneers in the development of AI models.

“AI has opened the doors for new biotech product development, including innovative medicines, within reasonable timelines,” says Sebastian Bernales, general partner at Humboldt Fund, a venture capital fund that invests in the biotech revolution. “It will be thrilling to see how TeselaGen and other AI-based approaches accelerate discovery and unlock new opportunities for precision medicine over the next several years,” added Sebastian.