San Diego-based Insightful Science has entered into a transaction to acquire Bishop’s Stortford, UK-based Dotmatics, an industry-leading cloud-based scientific R&D data management platform.

By integrating Insightful Science’s software applications into Dotmatics’ cloud-first enterprise data management solution, the company will provide an end-to-end scientific research platform. This combination further improves laboratory efficiency and accelerates the pace of scientific innovation by facilitating more rapid data access, analysis and exchange between scientists around the world, according to the companies.

Insightful Science is a software company with purpose-built data analysis and bioinformatics applications for life sciences. The company portfolio serves a diverse set of 1 million scientists in academic, corporate, and government institutions around the world. Examples of products within the Insightful Science portfolio include GraphPad Prism, Geneious DNA data analysis solutions, and SnapGene.

Dotmatics is an enterprise scientific informatics SaaS provider that is driving the digitalization of laboratory data workflows for scientific discovery and innovation across the life sciences, chemicals, and materials industries.

“This announcement signals a significant transformation in the future of software and data management in research labs,” says Thomas Swalla, CEO of Insightful Science. “Together our complementary businesses create an end-to-end cloud-first scientific research platform that stands apart in our collective ability to support data-driven research. We are beyond enthusiastic about the impact we can have on increasing the speed of scientific innovation, and ultimately helping to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and better place to live.”

“The number one challenge for pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical innovation companies today is how to manage the enormous volume — and promise — of data generated in labs,” says Steve Gallagher, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Dotmatics. “This combination allows us to expand investments in our Dotmatics platform and strengthen our brand as a leading enterprise informatics solution provider. We will bring Insightful Science’s leading biologics applications to our customers, further accelerating their discovery processes. In addition, we have the opportunity to bring the Dotmatics cloud and collaboration capabilities to the diverse community of over one million scientists already using Insightful Science tools.”

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