In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, New England Biolabs (NEB) announced an invitation for scientists to submit applications for its 2024 Passion in Science Awards, which recognize members of the scientific community who are committed to making a difference through their science, humanitarian service, environmental stewardship, and/or artistic and creative spirit. 

Awardees will be celebrated on Oct. 9 – 10, 2024 at the NEB campus in Ipswich, Massachusetts, according to the company.

“In 2014, NEB introduced the Passion in Science Awards to recognize those within the scientific community working to solve many of today’s challenges. This was our chance to celebrate the unsung heroes of the laboratory whose passions help to make the world a better place,” says Salvatore Russello, CEO at NEB. “We are thrilled to be hosting the Passion in Science Awards again this year as part of our 50th anniversary celebration.”

Eligible entrants include scientists whose work exemplifies one of four NEB core values:

  • The Scientific Mentorship and Advocacy Award recognizes scientists whose passion for their field motivates them to educate others and spread that passion with the scientific community.
  • The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes scientists who are working to preserve our natural resources or reduce waste either in the lab or outside of it.
  • The Humanitarian Duty Award recognizes scientists who are using science as a way to ease the hardship of others.
  • The Arts and Creativity Award recognizes scientists who are creating novel ways to demonstrate and display the powerful and extraordinary intersections between art and science.

The awardees will travel to NEB’s campus, at the company’s expense, to participate in an awards dinner, roundtable discussions, and seminars with fellow scientists who share similar passions, according to the company. NEB says it will also make a $1,000 charitable contribution on behalf of each winner.

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Applications may be submitted at The deadline for applications is June 1, 2024. Winners will be announced on or around July 17, 2024, and notified via email.

“The Passion in Science Awards represent an exciting opportunity to celebrate customers who share the same values as NEB, values which were important to our founder Donald G. Comb, says Andy Bertera, executive director of Marketing at NEB. “It is fitting to host the Passion in Science Awards as part of our 50th anniversary celebration.”