Summary: Luxor Scientific partnered with Orchard Software to expand its lab testing services, with improved scalability and connectivity provided via Orchard’s laboratory information system (LIS).


  1. Orchard’s LIS enabled Luxor Scientific to evolve from a toxicology lab to a comprehensive referral laboratory serving diverse organizations nationwide.
  2. With Orchard’s support, Luxor Scientific will further expand its testing menu, including additional unique esoteric tests not offered by other labs
  3. Orchard Molecular streamlined Luxor’s data management, consolidating information and simplifying the tracking of trends.

Orchard Software is pleased to announce its collaborative test-expansion partnership with Luxor Scientific Medical Laboratories.

Growing Testing Services

Luxor Scientific has grown rapidly from a toxicology lab to a full-service referral laboratory that provides laboratory testing for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, universities, and commercial and governmental organizations across the country. Luxor Scientific’s growth was enabled by the implementation of Orchard Software’s laboratory information system (LIS) solutions, which provide the connectivity, workflow support, and scalability they need to continue to grow.

Luxor Scientific opened in 2016 primarily as a toxicology laboratory with locations in South Carolina and Texas. In 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic started, Luxor Scientific quickly added COVID-19 testing to their menu. From there, they expanded to become a full-service laboratory, adding molecular testing in 2021 and continuing to grow their menu and expand their offerings.

The Orchard and Luxor Partnership

The partnership between Orchard Software and Luxor Scientific will enable Luxor Scientific to further expand their testing menu, including additional unique esoteric tests not offered by other laboratories.

“We share Luxor’s goal to ‘enable better healthcare outcomes faster’ and are pleased to be able to implement and support the laboratory software solutions that support that mission,” says Billie Whitehurst, CEO of Orchard Software.

Orchard Molecular has been an important addition to Luxor Scientific’s molecular workflow, the companies say.

“What really sold us on Orchard was the addition of Orchard Molecular. Instead of navigating multiple Excel spreadsheets, Orchard is able to do all of that work for us,” says Lindsey Contella, director of strategic laboratory development at Luxor Scientific. “We’ve never had a solution that can maintain all of the information we need and display trends within our data sets. Orchard can maintain all of our quality control and toxicology data. No other LIS that we have used maintained that level of information.”