Gestalt Diagnostics, a provider of (AI)-driven digital pathology solutions, announced a series of significant enhancements to its educational module and digital pathology solution, within the PathFlow solution.

The company’s newly expanded education module now includes automated, digital evaluation, proficiency testing, credentialing management, and results comparison features. The updates are designed to streamline and ease the heavily manual processes of pathologist proficiency testing, onboarding, and credentialing.

“Our commitment to innovation extends across all facets of pathology, from Anatomic Pathology (AP), Research, and Education to Management and Administrative functions. These enhancements reflect our vision for a future where education and technology converge to improve operational processes,” says Lisa-Jean Clifford, chief strategy officer and COO at Gestalt Diagnostics. “Our solutions are designed to significantly streamline workflow, enhance efficiency, support patient safety, and offer improved quality and cost. We believe that delivering products with these goals in mind will have a major impact on operations within healthcare, academic, and research facilities, for the pathologist, scientist, and clinician, ultimately providing faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment for the patient and optimized operations with significant savings to organizations.”

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Gestalt Diagnostic customers are already leveraging the company’s expertise for primary diagnoses*, tumor boards, onboarding and training, collaboration, and supporting remote access for hundreds of client pathologists who are geographically dispersed, according to the company. Additionally, Gestalt supports research and retrospective image and data capture for over 10 million pathology slides.

*Research use only unless following CAP guidelines for LDT. CE-IVD certified for use in Europe.