Gestalt Diagnostics, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital pathology solutions, and Pramana, an AI-enabled health tech company modernizing the pathology sector, announced a new integrated digital and AI-powered platform for laboratories, health systems, and academic medical centers. 

The platform offers Gestalt’s embedded Mitotic Cell Counting algorithm and runs in-line on Pramana’s spectral family of scanners, according to the companies.

“The relationship between Gestalt and Pramana has evolved quickly due to our combined commitment to bring advanced technological solutions to healthcare that improve accuracy, efficiency, and stay on top of technological advancements,” says Lisa-Jean Clifford, Gestalt COO and chief strategy officer. “As DICOM becomes more prevalent and the benefits for use in diagnostic and research workflows are being realized, we are continually evolving to provide solutions that support pathologists, scientists, and academics. Working with partners like Pramana, who have similar goals, is what progresses pathology informatics and expands availability and access, advancing healthcare globally.”

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The companies’ integrated platform enables fast, accurate, and automated slide scanning with the AI algorithm and image analysis during the processing phase, according to a release. The algorithm is available for use within Gestalt’s platform, or others, in keeping with Gestalt’s philosophy of being vendor agnostic.

“With a shared commitment to innovation, we are excited to take our collaboration with Gestalt to the next level by offering the first of its kind in-line algorithm,” says Mike Koenig, Pramana’s chief business development Officer. “Our joint solution, with an open DICOM interface, will accelerate diagnosis and drive improved patient outcomes.”