Dispensing of liquids by positive displacement

Eppendorf North America, Hauppauge, NY, offers Combitips advanced, offering safe, accurate dispensing of liquids by positive displacement. New features include color-coding for easy size recognition, elongated tips to completely empty all standard lab tubes, and a dispenser box with chute. Available in nine sizes for use with any Eppendorf Repeater, they are designed for applications requiring precise pipetting of identical amounts of liquids in series. The hermetically sealed piston prevents contamination of the pipette, and the positive-displacement principle supports high-precision dispensing of problematic liquids, such as those with high density/high salt, high vapor pressure, or high viscosity. The elongated tips enable complete emptying of all common vessels, while the funnel geometry optimizes haptic feedback and prevents damage to gloves. No-slip agents are used in the manufacturing of Combitips advanced, ensuring the best results in bioassays and other sensitive analytical methods.

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