Stephen C Peiper MDStephen C. Peiper, MDFollowing on the heels of VelaDx’s recent agreement with Life Technologies to develop IVD tests on the Ion PGM Sequencer, VelaDx, Singapore, jointly plans with Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Phildadelphia, to jointly develop, evaluate, and deploy molecular diagnostic assays for improved patient care.

The parties are formulating approaches for several projects including but not limited to, the development of both next-generation sequencing and quantitative PCR assays for oncological and infectious diseases.

Jefferson will assist VelaDx in the development and validation of a new generation of molecular diagnostic assays using leading-edge technologies. Vela will seek regulatory approval around the world for the resulting assays.

“We are enthusiastic that this collaboration will develop highly innovative diagnostic studies that
provide optimal sensitivity and work flow for clinical testing,” says Stephen Peiper, MD, Peter A. Herbut professor and chair, Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Thomas Jefferson University.
“This field is at an inflection point and I anticipate that Vela will be among the leaders in unleashing the diagnostic power of next generation sequencing.”

[Source: VelaDx]