productLaboratories can quickly and effectively contain accidental spills of aqueous solutions with Sorb Pak.
     Sorb Pak absorbs contaminating aqueous solutions such as urine, blood, saline, dilute alkalis and other liquid biohazards.
     It is available in one-half and five-gram packets. A Pak reacts to spills in five to 120 seconds, depending on the absorbent used. Sorb Pak absorbs liquids directly through the packaging, eliminating the need to spread loose powder or granular substances. Spills are removed by disposing of the entire Sorb Pak package.
     Made of granular sodium polyacrylate formulation, Sorb Pak absorbs up to 30 ml of DI water in eight seconds and 30 ml of 0.9 percent saline solution in 16 seconds. Each gram of Sorb Pak absorbs 29.8 grams of urine and 5.6 grams of blood. Fluid is locked up even under load, and saturated material is turned into a fluffy gel. The product retains a high gel strength and particle integrity, avoiding re-release of absorbed materials.
Keyword: safety, absorber