Reader’s Choice #6
The immunofluorescence assay for antinuclear antibodies can be a tool for detecting and screening nuclear and cytoplasmic antibodies found in patients with connective tissue diseases.
     Clinical studies have uncovered recognized antigens for antibodies found in patients’ sera and contributed to the understanding of the pathogenetic roles of these antibodies for some autoimmune diseases. In the text, the staining patterns of nuclear and cytoplasmic antibodies are organized by the nature and localization of their recognized antigens within the Hep-2 cell.
     The antibody descriptions include characteristic pattern appearance, clinical significance, associated antigens, and other analytical methods and references.
     The atlas also includes 66 high-resolution photomicrographs as well as the general structure and function of the eukaryotic cell with outlines of the cell cycle and cell division.
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KEYWORD: assay, autoimmune