photoThe Plasma/Low Hemoglobin system quantitatively determines low levels of hemoglobin in plasma and serum samples, acqueous solutions, or in stored or banked erythrocytes.
     The system consists of a portable photometer and disposable microcuvettes, containing reagent in dried form. The sample is automatically drawn into the microcuvette by capillary action, spontaneously mixed with the reagent and the result available within one minute. Linearity is from 0.03 g/dl to 3.0 g/dl.
     Accurate assessment of low hemoglobin concentrations in plasma, serum or acqueous solutions is gaining prominence in quality assurance protocols. This ability to quantify extremely low hemoglobin makes it possible to estimate blood loss in surgical irrigating solutions, to control the quality of erythrocyte suspensions before transfusion and to assess the effect of hemolysis in laboratory testing of chemistry samples.
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