photoThis control is now assayed for the Spirit analyzer distributed by ABX Diagnostics.
      Para 12 is a whole blood assayed hematology control for evaluating the accuracy and precision of instruments that provide three-part, white blood cell differentials.
      The control offers three clinically significant levels with 14-day open-vial and 110-day closed-vial stability. It is available in a 2.5 mL and a 4.5 mL size for use on instruments with a closed-vial sampling system.
It also is assayed for the ABX Micros 60; Baker 9000 and 9100 Series; Beckman Coulter S-Plus IV, V, and VI, STKR, JS, JR, ST, JT Series, MD Series, ONYX Series, T-Series and AcT with diff; Abbott Cell-Dyn 100-900, 1500, 1600, 1700 and 1400; Danam Datacell 18, Datacell 18MS, Datacell 16CP; and Infolab I-1800, I-1800MS and I-1600 and EXCELL 16.
     STATS, a free interlaboratory QC program is offered to all standing order customers.
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Keyword: control, hematology