photoThe Chameleon Cooler is designed to keep blood specimens cool during transport from the collection site to the testing lab.
      It is so named because the plastic material from which it is made changes color (to blue) when frozen and then changes back to its original color (white) when it returns to room temperature. This color change indicates to the phlebotomist that the device is actively providing the cooling power to keep specimens cool during transport.
     A single freeze in any standard freezer will keep the Chameleon Cooler active for up to three hours under normal room temperature conditions. It holds up to six blood specimens at one time and each of six wells will accept a 10, 13, or 16mm evacuated tube. A rubber collar around each well opening ensures a snug seal for small tubes.
     L-shaped hooks on the back of the device allow it to be clipped to the exterior of a phlebotomy tray and, therefore, not use up any of the internal storage space of the tray. The unit measures 3”W x 3.5” H x 4” D.
Keyword: cooler, transport