The OptiSpin™ Package incorporates the Hettich Rotina 35 centrifuge and 4-place rotor with four 12-place rotor blocks for specimen receiving and chemistry applications. The rotor and buckets accommodate vacutainers of any size, with a total spin capacity of 48 tubes. It also accommodates 24x15mL conicals.
     The OptiSpin is available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated models and both fit on a laboratory benchtop. The centrifuge features a brushless drive, run time programmable in minutes and seconds (maximum 99 minutes), and RPM and RCF programmable in increments of ten. Three complete run programs may be stored for later use. An impulse key is included for short centrifuging operations.
     The centrifuge has automatic rotor recognition. Its housing has metal construction with a stainless-steel chamber. Safety features include lid lock and hold, emergency lid release, and imbalance switch-off.