The Zymed® Sentinel Lymph Node Rapid IHC Kit is used for the detection of cytokeratins expressed in breast carcinoma and useful for recognition of micrometastases in frozen sections of sentinel lymph nodes. The standardized kit offers a total solution for rapid IHC and employs a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies directly conjugated to HRP-polymer using Zymed’s proprietary Polymer Technology. The pan-cytokeratin antibodies react with seven different human cytokeratin isoforms that are commonly expressed in squamus cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and transitional cell carcinoma. The entire test procedure takes fewer than 8 minutes-to complete.
    The assay kit is used on frozen sections of breast, lung, and colon cancer tissues, in addition to those of the sentinel lymph nodes from breast carcinoma. The use of a specific and optimized anti-pan-cytokeratin antibody cocktail in the kit enables the detection of other forms of carcinoma, metastatic or in situ, from different tissues or organs.
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