John Tomaszewski_MD
John Tomaszewski, MD

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), Chicago, and the Association for Pathology Informatics (API), Pittsburgh, have signed an agreement to collaborate on education, advocacy, and membership strategies to the mutual benefit of members from both organizations.

The strategic alliance enables each society to gain from each other’s areas of expertise, especially as informatics has become an increasingly relevant component for the future of pathology and laboratory medicine.

“The future of diagnostics is the future of informatics,” says John Tomaszewski, MD, FASCP, a former ASCP president and a member of API since the 1990s. “ASCP’s focus on precision diagnostics can be best accomplished in parthership with API.”

Education is at the forefront of this alliance. Participants from both organizations can select 19 hours of education in informatics delivered by API faculty experts.

API will hold its fall annual meeting in conjunction with the 2013 ASCP annual meeting, from September 18 to 21, in Chicago.

API will continue to hold its regular Pathology Informatics conference from May 13 to 16, in Pittsburgh, and has moved this conference to the spring from the fall to accommodate and avoid conflicts with the ASCP annual meeting.

For all API members, ASCP is extending a complimentary membership effective from May 1 to December 31.

Through the new ASCP Institute of Science, Technology, and Public Policy, API members will have a stronger voice in Washington, DC, and can play an integral role in advancing the ASCP Institute’s Health Services Center. Through free ASCP membership during the period noted above, API members can take first-rate online courses at no charge to earn up to seven continuing medical education credits; gain online access to the prestigious ASCP journals, and be eligible for member discounts for the 2013 ASCP annual meeting.

ASCP pathology residents will have access to API members who attend and teach at the ASCP annual meetings and can learn firsthand about how informatics will affect their futures and the future of the profession. Membership in API is free for residents.

[Source; ASCP]