Two tests currently in development with T2 Biosystems may offer improved diagnostic capabilities for sepsis and hemostasis.

Candida, the fungal pathogen that causes sepsis, is currently the fourth leading cause of hospital-acquired infections and results in 100,000 infections each year. The [removed]T2Candida[/removed] test can detect 5 species of the pathogen in a whole blood specimen in about 3 hours, using as little as 1 CFU/mL and no blood culture. It runs on the T2Dx instrument, which are both currently intended for investigational use only. Results of the clinical trial will be available in early 2014.

The [removed]T2HemoStat[/removed] test aggregates key hematologic factors into a single instrument that offers results in about 15 minutes for critical medical decision-making. Metrics include platelet function testing, clotting times, anti-platelet therapeutic monitoring, and novel hemostasis biomarkers for prothrombotic states, bleeding, fibrinolysis and clot structures. The test requires 5-40µL of whole blood and runs on the T2Stat instrument. Both are currently intended for research use only.

T2 Biosystems will demonstrate the T2Candida and T2HemoStat tests at the Association for Molecular Pathology annual meeting November 14-16 in Phoenix.