Streck offers matrix-free performance in its new formulation of Sugar-Chex Linearity, a whole blood glucose linearity kit for handheld glucose meters. Streck’s product also mimics the bias exhibited with whole blood across the instrument population. This allows laboratories to see the true accuracy of their glucose meters. Sugar-Chex Linearity was tested on the most popular POC glucose-monitoring technologies. Regardless of the manufacturer, Sugar-Chex Linearity yields results consistent with those reported with fresh whole blood. Packaged in ready-to-use dropper vials with 100-day closed-vial stability and 14-day open-vial stability, Sugar-Chex Linearity is designed to cover the reportable range of glucose meters. Target glucose levels allow laboratories to correlate results between all instruments used for whole blood glucose testing, as required by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). This product also meets CAP recommendations for using a control matrix that closely resembles patient samples. The ready-to-use formulation eliminates the need for collecting, diluting, and spiking of whole blood samples, saving laboratories valuable time. A convenient worksheet is included in the kit for documentation.

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