photoThe immunosimplicity Mumps IgG Test Kit for the qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of antibodies to Mumps virus has been FDA-cleared for manual use or in conjunction with this company’s MAGO Plus Automated EIA Processor.
   Color-coded reagents with matching caps are ready to use both manually and for the automated processor. Three room temperature incubations provide test results within about 90 minutes, and the test kit features a standard 96-microwell plate format. It adapts easily to large volume laboratories and can be batch tested concurrently with other ELISA kits.
   The kit’s breakapart strip format also provides small-volume laboratory flexibility. The procedure requires minimal hands-on time. A colored end product, measured spectrophotometrically, yields objective results denoting antibody presence/absence in the sample (qualitative detection). Evaluation of paired sera to determine a significant increase in Mumps IgG antibody titer can aid in the diagnosis of acute infection by seroconversion (semi-quantitative detection).
   Using fresh sera from 173 patients, the test kit had an overall agreement of 98.3 percent relative to another commercially available Mumps IgG ELISA kit. Diamedix Corp.