Ergopet Pipettors

Versatile and adjustable

The design of the new Ergopet® Pipettors from Bel-Art Products Inc, Pequannock, NJ, provide adjustments for comfort and minimal arm strain and fatigue when working inside a hood or on the bench. Models are available in a range of sizes and allow users of varying body heights to lower their hand position and rest their elbows on the bench. The swiveling head of the equipment can be positioned straight ahead, in line with the hand, or rotated up to 90° left or right, permitting an unobstructed view of the meniscus and graduations and minimizing wrist strain. A soft silicone chuck accepts glass or plastic pipettes and rotates to change the pipette angle from vertical to 15° outward. The hydrophobic filter within the chuck protects the pipettor from inadvertent backflow and can be replaced without tools. They are available in four different powered models and 14 sizes to meet the needs of most lab settings. The portable battery-powered pipettor runs on two rechargeable 1.2V AA NiMH batteries that can be recharged approximately 500 times with the supplied wall charger. The battery-powered pipettor provides freedom of mobility and the convenience of individual push buttons to help control aspirating and dispensing and dispensing speeds from slow (gravity) to fast (powered). The Memory pipettor aspirates and dispenses a precise amount of liquid repeatedly in the memory mode without using the graduations of the pipette. The air-powered Pipettor uses a 120V AC air pump (included) to provide continuous operation without the need for battery charging. Individual push buttons easily control aspirating and dispensing from slow to fast. The Bellows pipettor operates silently without batteries, cords, or tubing, and provides suction for more than 100 mL of volume.

Bel-Art Products Inc