photo Samples for particle size analysis do not need to be wasted with the introduction of this small volume cell.
     It was developed for the Brookhaven 90Plus submicron particle size analyzer. The small volume cell can be particularly relevant for research involving peptides, proteins and DNA where often very small amounts of sample are available.
     The cell joins the family of cells that the company has developed for use with its light scattering systems. Low cost disposable cells are usually used as they eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between samples. Acrylic square cells are available for aqueous and simple alcohol suspensions, and round glass cells with re-usable Teflon stoppers for aggressive solvent suspensions. Other options include square glass and quartz cells.
     The company’s 90Plus analyzer with a built-in PC and Windows-based software can handle a variety of submicron samples, suspended or dissolved in liquid. Applications of the analyzer include polymer latexes.
Brookhaven Instruments Corp.
Keyword: analyzer, small volume particle sizer