This workstation is designed to increase throughput and walk-away time for high volume labs running a range of validated ELISA/EIA, PCR and infectious disease based assays. The workstation can process more than 12 microplates per run and provides a complete tracking process from sample to results. It will pause and notify users via pager if a situation arises requiring operator intervention, such as short samples or reagent depletion.
     Other functions include aliquoting, reagent addition, dilution, plate washing, and incubation.
     The workstation features user-friendly touch-screen controls with intuitively designed buttons for easy instrument control. Operators enter the number of plates and the assays to be run, then samples are tracked continuously with bar codes and can be monitored with real-time activity and status logs. At the end of each run, customized, coded reports can be printed or interfaced with LIS systems. Workstations can also be linked together to share information and processing tasks.
     The unit’s modular design allows the workstation to be specifically configured for special applications or processing needs. Technical support specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Keywords: infectious disease, PCR, automation