Building on the success of the UniCel® DxC 880i and the UniCel DxC 600i, Beckman Coulter Inc, has introduced three new chemistry/immunoassay integrated work cells, the UniCel DxC 660i, the UniCel DxC 680i and the UniCel 860i Synchron® Access® Clinical Systems. The company has dubbed the series of five work cells UniCel i class.

Each of the integrated systems is configured to meet a different level of throughput and features Beckman Coulter’s unique ClozCapTM technology – automated closed-tube aliquotting and sampling, which frees technologists from the labor-intensive task of de-capping, re-capping and sorting samples manually.

“From moderate to very high volume workloads, with the UniCel i class series of integrated systems laboratories can choose a work cell to match their needs.” said Jeff Mc Hugh, corporate vice president of Beckman Coulter’s Chemistry Systems Business Center. “And our unique ClozCap technology will speed turnaround time and enhance lab safety,” added Mc Hugh.

Beckman Coulter’s UniCel i class integrated systems receive samples from a single point of entry. Samples are automatically aliquoted and routed for analysis across both aspects of the platform. Chemistry analysis on the primary sample is concurrent to immunoassay analysis of the aliquot. Parallel processing of samples facilitates turnaround time efficiencies unachievable with traditional integrated work cells.

UniCel i class integrated systems offer a comprehensive menu of more than 150 different tests, ranging from cardiac and tumor markers to tests for renal function, diabetes and more.

Beckman Coulter customers with UniCel DxC chemistry systems and UniCel DxI immunoassay systems already installed in their lab may upgrade to a UniCel i class integrated system by adding the UniCel Closed Tube Aliquotter and supporting software. With this flexible approach, customers can be confident, knowing their integrated system can adapt to meet changes in workloads, over time.