pn01.jpg (9511 bytes)This company announces the availability of its Total Bile Acids-HR test kit for the quantitative determination of total bile acids in serum or plasma.
     The assay utilizes an in vitro enzymatic colorimetric methodology to detect total bile acids in serum and can be automated using pre-existing clinical chemistry instrumentation.
     The enzymatic method employs the conversion of the bile acids to a 3-ketosteriod with the simultaneous reduction of NAD+ to NADH. The reduction of NO2-TB takes place after the production of NADH to form a reddish violet color. The amount of TBA is determined spectrophotometrically by measuring the absorbance of this color at 546nm.
     The assay’s performance includes a within-run precision of 5.9 percent CV and 1.17 percent CV with mean concentrations of 11.3umol/L and 4206umol/L respectively. The linear range of the assay is 0-150umol/L.
Keywords: GI testing