pn01.jpg (9511 bytes)This company has added two new sized blood collection needles to their Safety Blood Collection Set of single-use, sterile, winged needles bonded to a flexible “low memory” tubing. Now available are a 23 gauge needle with 8 inch tubing and a 25 gauge needle with 12 inch tubing. The line also includes 21 and 23 gauge needles with 12 inch tubing. The winged needles are designed with a safety shield, which can be activated to cover the needle immediately following venipuncture to prevent accidental needlestick injury.
     Pressing in on both sides of the wings releases the lock and activates the safety mechanism. The safety shield slides completely over the needle until it safely locks into place.
     These plastic blood collection products are designed to assist healthcare employers in implementing the use of safe and effective medical devices in their institutions.
Greiner Bio-One
Keywords: blood collection, safety