photoThe Breathable Sealing Membrane prevents leaking, and contamination of solution, cells or molecules from Microwell 96, 384 and 1536 plates. Because the membrane is gas permeable, it is particularly suitable for cell culture applications requiring equilibration of well contents.
     The membrane eliminates “edge effects” (accelerated loss of volume from perimeter wells of the plate) and greatly reduces overall water loss due to evaporation, a problem that is particularly evident at 37ÞC. When used in conjunction with a plate lid, the membrane reduces water loss by 25 to 30 percent compared with a lid alone. No enhanced perimeter well volume loss is observed.
     When properly applied, it will prevent exposure of well contents to viruses, bacteria and other types of contamination. The membrane can be easily removed following incubation, to provide access to well contents. A membrane applicator is available to ensure uniform adhesion of the membrane to microwell plates.
Nalge Nunc
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