pn12.JPG (11493 bytes)The new Validate Chem 9 and Validate Chem 10 verification test sets are intended for quantitatively verifying calibration, validating reportable ranges, and determining linearity in automated, semi-automated, and manual chemistry systems using reflectance spectroscopy.
     Validate Chem 9 pre-diluted test solutions are formulated to accommodate the extreme upper and lower reportable ranges for: BUN, CA, CL, GLU, K, LAC, LI, MG, NA, PO4, TRIG, CO2, ALB, CHOL, TP, UA, CRE, and FE.
     Validate Chem 10 pre-diluted test solutions are likewise formulated for: ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, CK, GGT, LDH, LIP, TBIL, DBIL, Bc, and Bu.
Lot-specific products are manufactured to be compatible with most reflectance spectroscopy-based chemistry test systems.
Maine Standards 
Keywords: chemistry, controls