This company has announced release of HDL and LDL cholesterol direct reagents, optimized for use on Olympus AU400, AU600, AU2700 and AU5400 chemistry-immuno analyzers.
     The HDL and LDL cholesterol reagents are compatible with fasting and non-fasting samples with no significant interference from triglycerides up to 1000 mg/dL. For simplified sample processing, no pre-treatment is required and the direct measurement of serum or plasma specimens eliminates the extra time and costs associated with sample splitting. The reagents are ready-to-use liquid formulations available in two convenient kit sizes with bar-coded cartridges that allow on-board reagent management. Other features include 30-day on-board stability and 30-day calibration stability.
     With the addition of the new HDL and LDL reagents, this company now offers clinical laboratories a complete cardiac risk assessment panel, including total cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and high sensitivity CRP, all from a single sample.
Olympus America
Keywords: cardiac markers