photo Document CK-MB Cal-Ver (Part #M-116) is designed to verify linearity, calibration and the reportable range for the cardiac marker CK-MB. M-116 is designed to help clinicians fulfill regulatory requirements including 10 CAP Phase II checklist questions.
     This product is manufactured with six levels, which includes a zero concentration. A serum-based product, M-116 is packaged in squeeze-dropper bottles. The range targeted, 0-250ng/mL, allows it to verify the reportable range of several immunochemistry systems reporting CK-MB.
     This company provides a data reduction program, Document Services, with peer group comparison, when available, for this product and the Cal-Ver product line. Customers can use this service to compare themselves to their peers before being judged against them in a Proficiency Testing event.
Casco-Nerl Diagnostics
keyword: calibration, control, cardiac