The AccuClot Protein S kit is for the quantitative determination of Protein S activity in citrated human plasma using a clotting assay.
     Protein S, a Vitamin K-dependent plasma protein, serves as a cofactor for the anticoagulant activity of Protein C in the degradation of Factors V and VII. This assay is similar to a standard Intrinsic Factor clotting assay. Dilutions of normal plasma are mixed with Protein S depleted plasma.
     The mixed plasma is activated by a reagent that contains Factor Xa, activated protein C and phospholipid. After activation, clot formation is initiated with the addition of calcium chloride. Under these conditions, the clotting time is directly proportional to the Protein S concentration.
     The Factor Xa activator minimizes potential interference for Factor V Leiden mutation and high levels of Factor VIII. The product is heparin neutralizer (up to 1.2µ/mL), allowing Protein S analysis on heparin-therapy patients.
Sigma Diagnostics
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