Approximately 4,000 attendees, including exhibitors, participated in the CLMA/ASCP ThinkLab ’05, held March 5-8 in Chicago. Highlights of the conference included “The Profit Specialist” financial training sessions; an industry forum on “Innovations in Patient Identification”; and the “ThinkLab Link,” a pilot program designed to match exhibitors with laboratory professionals in the market for certain products.

The aisles seemed crowded at times during the 3-day show.

CLMA’s Arkansas Chapter received an honorable mention in the education category. Bill Woodell (left), president-elect, accepted the award from Bob Anselmo, past Council of Chapter Leaders (CCL) chair, and Martha Casassa, CCL chair. CLMA’s Chicago Chapter received an honorable mention in Leadership and Administration. Keith Nelson, chapter president, and Linda McCann, past president, accepted the award from Martha Casassa.

The 2005 Chapter Excellence Award for Financial Management was presented to the Trillium Chapter. Kevin Orr, chapter treasurer, accepted the award from Martha Casassa. CLMA’s first industry forum, “Innovations in Patient Identification,” was held in the theatre pavilion on the exhibit floor.

Jane Aarthun presented “The Profit Specialist,” a highly interactive session that used game boards, poker chips, and dice to help laboratory professionals learn the factors that drive financial decisions.

Other sessions energized attendees and provided a forum for fostering strategic relationships.

Attendees paid homage to Chicago and the Blues Brothers at a party on the final night of the conference. CLP’s Advertising Director Jeff Brown and Editor Carol Andrews in their booth at the show.