Corgenix Medical Corp has been issued an additional US patent covering its AspirinWorks® technology and product line.

The patent, issued June 1, 2010, covers the AspirinWorks Test and represents the latest addition to Corgenix intellectual property (IP) portfolio. AspirinWorks is the only FDA-cleared test that measures the urinary biomarker 11-dehydro thromboxane B2 (11dhTxB2) to determine aspirin effect in apparently healthy individuals. 11dhTxB2 is a metabolite of thromboxane A2 (TxA2), the target of aspirin therapy. The test targets a potential global market exceeding 200 million individuals.

US Patent No. 7,727,730 B2, “Methods and Kits for Detection of Thromboxane A2 Metabolites,” recognizes the ability of the AspirinWorks Test to accurately measure additional biomarkers of platelet inhibition. Specifically, the patent relates to the AspirinWorks Test’s ability to more accurately depict the true levels of circulating TxA2, a chemical that activates platelets and causes them to stick together.

“This patent further strengthens our strategic position in this important aspect of clinical testing,” said Douglass Simpson, Corgenix President and Chief Executive Officer. “By adding this patent to our already strong IP portfolio, Corgenix remains in a premier competitive position as this market continues to evolve.”

More than 1 million Americans experience new or recurrent heart attacks each year. At-risk individuals are eligible for aspirin therapy and should be tested for the presence or absence of the therapy’s effect.

Unlike functional platelet tests, which require freshly drawn blood that must be evaluated within at least four hours, the AspirinWorks Test is performed on a random urine sample that can be obtained in any doctor’s office or patient service center, making the test convenient for both physician and patient.

Source: Corgenix Medical