BioFit® has an online build-your-own chair configurator for designing ergonomic chairs to meet customer specifications for laboratory applications. Visitors to the BioFit Web site can use the build-your-own chair configurator to assemble chairs that meet their specific needs. Customers can see how different chair components and options would look and perform in their particular applications. After a new chair is configured online, a customer can email the result to BioFit for a price quote within 1 working day. The build-your-own chair configurator covers hundreds of ergonomic chairs available in BioFit’s Ship Now! quick-ship program. Customers can select upholstery material or urethane for the seat and backrest, the type of chair base, the seat-height adjustment range, and a performance package if required for a high-tech application. Basic chair models also can be customized with a choice of backrests, seats, armrests, ergonomic controls, foot rings, casters or glides, and metal finishes. BioFit’s modular construction enables chairs to be manufactured as designed with the build-your-own chair configurator. Modular construction provides the ability to interchange parts, add options, and customize basic models to fit specific needs. The chairs are backed by BioFit’s 13-year, 24/7 sure seat warranty. In the quick-ship program, a customer can order up to 15 chairs per day.

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